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Landscaping a yard with a slope

If you have a sloped back or front yard then you know how frustrating it can be to pull off that perfect landscaping design you’ve had your eye on for all these years or a dream patio for you and your family to enjoy. The slope also presents other challenges such as soil erosion.

Your house may be at a higher elevation with your land sloping down and away from it or it could be sloping towards your house, taming a slope takes creativity and knowledge. The challenge will depend on how steep the slope actually is; sometimes a planting design will work whilst in other cases a terrace design is more suited.

People choose to buy hillside homes because of the view, which may be panoramic or quite narrow. The home's value is based on this, so all landscaping must be secondary to the view. Consider your neighbour’s view as well, as you do not want to compromise it now or in the future.

Terracing you yard has a list of benefits to save you money in the long term. A well-designed terrace has a slight slope to its surface so water flows to the sides and out to nearby drains. This will prevent constant water flow that may damage the structure's concrete or wood base. Furthermore terracing will prevent soil erosion as water does not run down a previously sloped hill. (Terracing is a soil conservation practice applied to prevent rainfall runoff on sloping land from accumulating and causing serious erosion. Terraces consist of ridges and channels constructed across-the-slope.)

Using retaining walls can be the perfect way to create a patio or a lovely flower bed. Retaining walls hold and retain soil behind, which gives you the freedom to play around with different ideas and designs. Retaining wall provide functional support for keeping soil in place, preventing sink holes and eliminating the eye sore of dirt piles and hills, reduce maintenance and prevent erosion they also prevent damage to property or surrounding structures

Established in Buffalo Retaining Walls specialises in the supply and installation of a range of retaining wall blocks, including the loffelstein blocks, gabions, paving, erosion control products, attenuation ponds, kerbs and embankment seating for stadiums and schools etc. Landscaping and earthworks also form part of our portfolio.

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