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Buffalo Retaining Walls

Concrete Paving

Our Concrete Paving service ensures that all paving is expertly and properly installed. This is done through our assurance that the sub-base is correctly compacted.

Furthermore, we ensure that the concrete is provided in such a way that both foot and vehicle traffic will not shift it.

With a well compacted paving you will not have to worry about settlement, gaps or joints from forming. Concrete Paving therefore will not crack as there will be no expansion present.

Contact us today for more information on our Concrete Paving service. Alternatively, browse through our website to find the services you require.

High Performance

Concrete Paving service allows you to pave your space whether it be for commercial or residential construction projects. Furthermore, the ease of adoption provides you with a paved space almost immediately.

Likewise, with a multitude of colours and textures to choose from you can customise your own location. With this, you can also install, remove and re-install your paving when you choose.

The durability of the Concrete Paving is a benefit as you won’t have to constantly replace it. In fact, the reliability of the materials used means maintenance is low. When maintenance is needed it will only be required after a long period of time.

Choose From A Variety Of Styles

With almost an endless amount of styles to choose from you will have the space you desire. Concrete Paving service supplies you with the manufacturing and design which works with your space.

Moreover, your project will be dealt with specifically to benefit your area the most. We will inspect the location and create a plan which allows you to maximise your potential.

You can choose between a classic or modern look to fit your aesthetic as well as different colours.

Buffalo Retaining Walls supplies you with the design and implementation of your Concrete Paving as well as other services which include the installation of retaining walls.

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Key Services

Some of the services we offer
  • Retaining Walls
  • Gabions
  • Paving
  • Attenuation Pond
  • Kerbs
  • Embankments/Stadium Seating