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The Various Applications of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are especially effective when it comes to keeping sloped land in place. This is because they counteract the weight applied to them by soil and other materials which have been unnaturally carved into a hill, and as such are always in danger of sliding down, causing hazardous obstacles in their path. But there is so much more that retaining walls can offer, from aesthetics to gathering places, they can provide it all.

Managing Flooding

Pushing Back the Land
Irrigation and draining can sometimes be a difficult thing to manage. The weather is unpredictable and man-made constructions often have a downside with regards to water retention. This has resulted in many a waterlogged field or yard, causing almost irreversible damage to the land. Retaining walls are the perfect way to allow water to drain through the held soil on your land, meaning that they assist greatly with managing flooding and water-logging.

Preventing Erosion
Soil erosion is a serious problem, and in a climate as dry and harsh as ours, it is one that needs to be dealt with as soon as its first signs start to show. Retainer walls are an excellent way to manage and eradicate soil erosion since it holds soil in place while letting water pass through without destroying it, making them the perfect solution to even the worst cases of erosion.

A nice Place to Gather
Many a schoolyard, university, sports ground and hospital has found the benefit in using retaining walls as a place of concourse. By arranging the blocks in a vertical setting, it is possible to use retaining walls as a seating area, gathering zone or grand-stand that can hold large amounts of people, at a fraction of the cost to alternatives.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked uses of retaining walls is their application in the garden at home. They are the perfect tool for crafting land, raising mounds and erecting flower beds that will transform your garden from a stagnant yard to a vibrant landscape. So if you have been looking to take advantage of one of the many applications for retaining walls, you’ll need a company that has been dealing in the retaining wall construction and supply in South Africa for a long time. You need a company like Buffalo Retaining Walls.

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