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Retaining Wall Functionality

When considering civil engineering, there is always a lot to contend with in terms of physics and gravity when building or erecting a structure. This is never more evident than when a retaining wall is required to hold back a mound of material such as soil or water that, depending on the slope it forms, needs to be contained in such a fashion as to not become an obstacle or hazard. Let’s take the example of a grassy hillside next to a farm road. Having cut a path through the landscape, a farmer relies heavily on road to be cleared of obstacles to continue his business. Unfortunately, nature and physics have other plans. As weather erodes at the unnatural hill, the soil loosens and begins to slide down toward the road, making it inaccessible to those who need to use it. The answer would be to have a retaining wall installed to hold back the effects of gravity, keeping the hill and its material in place and the road clear of obstacles. But this is just one example out of many in the application of retaining walls.

Providing functional support
As mentioned above, one of the most popular functions of a retaining wall is to assist with keeping soil and other materials in place so that they do not become hazardous to people or property that surround them. As a crucial part of many construction efforts, retaining walls can be found performing this function to keep hills and knolls where they are in schoolyards, farms and sports stadiums which have been provided by retaining wall construction and suppliers in South Africa

Preventing sinkholes
Since one of the major functions of retaining walls is to keep soil in place, it stands to reason that they are the perfect answer to unsightly sinkholes on your property. Besides being an aesthetic nuisance, sink holes can cause serious damage to surrounding structures if they go left unchecked. So the perfect answer to eliminate them, and possible even turn them into an object of beauty, is to have a retaining wall applied to the problem.

venting flooding
Retaining walls are also an excellent way to manage and even eliminate flooding in damp terrains. The independent blocks of retaining walls may link together to prohibit the movement of soil, but their spaces are ample enough to allow for water to flow through them, meaning that the built up area will likely never suffer from flooding due to poor irrigation.

Reduce soil erosion
Soil erosion is a problem that most South African’s can relate to in one way or another, and it is a big one. By keeping soil in place while allowing for the adequate flow of water through it, retaining walls are the perfect answer to this conundrum. Keep the soil on your property rich and un-eroded by having a retainer wall erected today.

Besides the many functional benefits of retainer walls, they can be applied to landscaping and design to maximize the beauty of your outdoor areas. In the garden they can be used to build plateaus, flower beds and lawns. Since they were conceived to hold back land, they are perfect for landscaping projects. So if you have been looking to have a retaining wall fitted on your property to take advantage of these functional benefits, you’ll want it installed by an experienced technician. Speak to a consultant at Buffalo Retaining Walls today to find out more.

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