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Retaining Wall Maintenance and Care

People get retaining walls for various reasons, and in different styles that suit their tastes. One might think that having a retaining wall is a low maintenance venture or addition to their property. However, they are not and they do eventually prevent their own challenges. They might not be big challenges, which might let some people get a bit lazy when it comes to maintaining their retaining walls, especially block walls. This is not the case and they need to be maintained and care for. This is part of the homeowner’s or business owner’s duty.

Maintenance Tips
Everything needs to be checked up on every now and then to make sure that it is still working properly, and prevent large scale repairs down the line. As if you would take your car for regular services, or check the taps for leaks, your retaining wall is no different.

• At least once a year, give your wall a thorough look at, to find any abnormalities.

• Keep the plant life around or in the wall neat and trim.

• Keep your eye on your wall’s service piping so that erosion won’t damage your wall.

• Control the weeds growing amongst the plant life and moss. Look for weed growth between joints of channels and hardstands.

Landscape Maintenance
Many retaining walls come with a natural accentuation of beautiful plants and flowers. And unfortunately when there are plants and flowers, there comes maintenance and, of course, weeds. As if with any garden your plants need to be watered, trimmed and weeded out. Especially the weeds – as we see with various different types of paving the weeds somehow manage to pop through the cracks and ruin the neat look you were going for. And they will do the same thing with a retaining wall. It is important to watch the weeds and their effect on your wall’s overall health.

Buffalo Retaining Walls
Buffalo Retaining Walls has a variety of retaining wall options as well as other services, like paving, kerbs, gabions, embankments and so much more. Visit their website to view their gallery. They offer a variety of professional services that are there to assist with various needs with concrete products.

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