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Retaining Walls, Soil Erosion & Protecting your Property

April showers may bring May blossoms, as the saying says, but most homeowners believe that these showers also bring a great deal of worry. Soil erosion is a big problem for homeowners with slopes and inclines on their premises. Without correct treatment, your property will be at risk of damaged or flooding. Retaining walls are the best way to protect your home from the impact of soil erosion.

Principles of Soil Erosion Soil erosion is a regular problem on inclined landscapes that is caused by wind or water run-off. Water run-off washes topsoil away and leaves the left-over soil with less nutrients. Soil erosion may cause a great problem on your premises and the problems compound the more time is takes you to address them. The run-off may create a path directly to your home, creating a risk of your basement of flooding in the circumstances of a terrible storm. Additionally, rain run-off may also cut into landscaping and create a mess of your garden.

Retaining Walls protect your Home Retaining walls are built to avoid negative effects of soil erosion. These are structures that hold soil back from a structure or building. They are installed to prevent downward hill movement and offer support for your changes in landscape.

Constructing your own Retaining Walls You are able to construct your own retaining wall, but it is important to think about what is at risk. Water run-off during severe storms may flow down to our home, causing possible catastrophic damage to your foundation or basement. Incorrect construction of retaining walls may result in exacerbating the problem, leaving you in an even bigger problem in the future.

If you are considering installing retaining walls in your garden, visit Buffalo Retaining Walls for the best possible products and installations! Our retaining wall blocks are extremely eco-friendly and versatile. Visit our website for more information and enquire online for the best prices!

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