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Preventing Soil Erosion on your Land

Soil erosion can come about for a number of reasons, all of which point back to mismanagement of land. Generally caused by soil compaction, low amounts of organic matter and acidity problems. This affliction can make it all but impossible to use land effectively, whether for agricultural activities or simply for maintaining an aesthetic look in gardens. The point is, that combatting soil erosion is the responsibility of landowners, and there are many effective ways to do it. Find out more about protecting your land from degradation right here.

The Impact that Soil Erosion has on Land
Soil erosion can have a devastating impact on colossal areas of land. Erosion makes it difficult for soil to hold on to water and nutrients, making it unfit for planting. Layers of subsoil which have no nutritional value to plants is also exposed, and generally unusable. Besides that, erosion can lead to runoff whenever it gets wet, which can result in ditches, mud-slides and floods. The long-term effects of soil erosion can also be difficult to rectify, essentially leading to serious problems for agriculture and even property value at a later stage. So what can you do to avoid its onset on your land?

Planting Ground Cover
Ground cover such as grass and shrubs go a long way towards protecting the quality of your soil since its roots hold it in place and therefore help to avoid runoff which can lead to erosion. This type of vegetation also plays a part in putting nutrients back into the soil either through their maintenance or having their carbon recycled in the earth when they expire. Improving Drainage
Improving drainage on your land will stop the runoff of water from contributing to the erosion of your soil, particularly where consistently wet weather puts pressure on the land. By installing undergrown drainage pipes under such areas of land, owners can discourage their top layer of soil from being washed away.

Avoiding Soil Compaction
Wherever people, machinery and animals track over land consistently, you can expect the soil to be compacted. When this happens, the spaces between dirt particles are reduced, making it difficult for water to be properly drained through it. To rectify this, it is a good idea to use paths or concrete stepping stones to discourage traffic from compacting the soil as it goes.

Using Retaining Walls
Wherever erosion is a danger as the result of sloped land, retaining wall blocks can be used to reinforce top layers of soil in order to keep it in place. Their design also allows them to facilitate drainage with relative ease, adding further protection to the land. In many instances, retaining walls can be one of the most cost effective and efficacious solutions to erosion where sloped land poses any risks of it.

Contact Buffalo Retaining Walls for Details
To find out more about using retaining walls on your property, either for erosion protection or simply for landscaping, contact one of our representatives at Buffalo Retaining Walls today, or visit our website for further details on our offers.

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