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Types of Materials Used in Retaining Walls

There is a variety of different materials that retaining walls can be built from. When homeowners are choosing what material should be used for their wall they should consider the following:

  • What the main purpose of the retaining wall is going to be.
  • Why they are building the retaining wall and where.
  • What they want the retaining wall to look like.
  • What the budget for the retaining wall and its construction is going to be.
  • Materials that can be used in building retaining walls are:

  • Concrete Block Retaining Walls - Constructing a retaining wall with concrete block has the advantage of being able to have curves in the retaining wall. One of the downfalls of using a concrete block for retaining walls is that it can only be used for walls that are shorter than four feet tall. Concrete block retaining walls are very durable, however, without footings poured, the wall may not be as durable.

  • Poured Concrete Retaining Walls - Using poured concrete for retaining walls has the benefit of strength. Poured concrete is much stronger than concrete block, and a wide selection of designs are possible with poured concrete. A con of poured concrete retaining walls is that extreme skill is required to pour walls that will not crack or breakdown.

  • Brick Retaining Walls - Brick retaining walls require much industry to build, and must have distinct drainage channels dug to allow for drainage, however, once built, the wall is very strong and long lasting. Brick retaining walls work as an accompaniment to a home’s style and are pretty with a landscaped yard.

  • Wood Retaining Walls - Wood retaining walls offer a stress-free installation for the individual requiring to build the wall but have the downfall that the wood may eventually decay. As with poured concrete retaining walls, wood retaining walls are also recommended for only walls four feet or shorter. A key pro of wood retaining walls is that they are easy to blend into landscaping so that a homeowner does not have to try to blend it in.
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