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Interesting Retaining Wall Designs

Retaining walls come in many shapes and designs, some altering the aesthetic qualities of the walls, others changing the functionality of the structures themselves. Below we will discuss a few retaining walls designs and innovative ideas.

Walls that have perpendicular connectors will more than likely have a stronger design than long, single walls. They walls are also more better suited to garden planting and offer more spaces for human interaction than a single long wall could. By incorporating large rocks and boulders into the immediate foot of the wall one not only adds to the structural integrity of the wall, but if enough skill is used this can make the wall look naturalized as part of the garden and boulders themselves.

The step-back or jogged retaining wall features a zig-zag pattern. This design can be a great choice when it comes to creating a more structured feels around jagged or scattered landscape. Although these types of retaining walls appear to be many separate parts, they are in fact a whole.

By adding 45 – 50 centimeters to a typical landscape retaining wall, it could become a seat-wall. The applications for this type of wall are many – use this type of wall when you cut through pieces of garden that could by comfortable to relax in, and place them around entertainment areas such as patios and braai areas to provide more seating. If you have a stone patio use the same type of stone to finish your new retaining wall to allow for seamless integration!

A more modern approach to landscaping relies heavily on powerful forms set alongside natural garden features. Another modernist feature is the separation of the lawn-space into separate levels and spaces. Retaining walls are perfect for separating lawn and creating different levels, just make sure that when you build the retaining wall that you space the section s out in a way that will look natural. When deciding on a finish for the wall, consider how shadows, the type of grass you will be planting and the surrounding vegetation will compliment it and each other. This does not mean it has to be overly complicated: sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.

Erecting a retaining wall can be a costly, time-consuming and dangerous task that should be left up to the professionals. In the Johannesburg area, Buffalo Retaining Walls is a company with a long list of satisfied customers who know how to get it right first time round. Speak to them, they’ll get it done right.

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