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The Benefits of Stone Paving

There is no doubt that stone paving adds attractiveness to any patio, path, driveway or pool. In terms of durability, most stone paving products are harder than concrete products and therefore the lifespan is longer in most applications. If you are looking for a paving solution that will last a long time with very little maintenance, consider natural stone. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, there is a range of cost effective paving solutions that can suit your needs. Below are some benefits of paving:

Adds Property Value & Curb Appeal
If you are installing stone paving at your private residence or commercial property, there is no doubt that your appeal will improve when using natural stone. Contrary to popularity, natural stone does not cost more than using the same concrete products, with the initial cost of installing stone paving offers a considerable lifespan of the surface. Natural stone landscaping is a far better investment than concrete. Using natural stone materials add a larger value to your property versus concrete.

Natural Aesthetics
All pieces of natural stone has a different blend of tones and colours that make the area, unlike concrete where most pieces are manufactured to be identical and thus resulting in characterless. Unlike concrete, natural stone has natural imperfections and is not pigmented – offering character charm mother nature can offer.

Sustainable & Renewable
Natural stone and landscaping are far more sustainable and eco-friendly than manufactured alternatives. Of course, in order to package, shape and transport natural stone, there is manufacturing costs as well as freight to consider – but in general these will pale in pollution, energy and carbon footprint of manufactured concrete paving.

Minimal maintenance & Durable
Natural stone offers a timeless beauty that concrete will not have. Natural stone paving, such as granite and limestone resists moisture, heat and traffic use. The range of paving products is far too diverse to be displayed on our website. It is advisable to contact us Buffalo Retaining Walls with your requirements. We can either supply and install or install the product that the client has purchased.

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