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Advantages of Gabions

Gabion walls were invented more than 100 years ago, but they are being rediscovered today for many architectural and infrastructure projects.

Gabion baskets are sustainable, where concrete constructions may have a high carbon footprint. They are usually used to form permeable, flexible structures and are aesthetically pleasing – this means that they can be utilised where concrete is not compulsory. This is why gabions remain appropriate in modern day construction.

Designing retaining walls may cause many headaches. How to design it and what materials will be used is just the beginning.

There is an easy solution to these questions: gabions. For many reasons, ranging from engineering to aesthetics, and from architectural trends to sustainability, gabions can present a range of advantages, combining various features that greatly overcome the benefits of traditional solutions such as concrete.

Sustainable: The carbon footprint analysis shows that by using gabion solutions, it will reduce the CO2 emissions by up to 80% compared to concrete walling. If allowed to grow, vegetation can grow within a gabion basket, which will further contribute to carbon solutions.

Flexible: Most modern buildings and architecture that is designed today are making use of gabions in order to create a fresh look and meet the demands of sustainability. Gabion walls constitute an architectural lever when it comes to urban design and landscaping.

Budget Friendly: In the past, you would need great investments in order to build a beautiful infrastructure. This is different with gabions, as their built-in nature reduces transportation and overall costs. Gabions are also an extremely high value-added product as their return is incalculable if you think about the environmental and esthetical achievements.

Beautiful: Large concrete structures are unwanted, as gabions contribute an element of reputation to your infrastructure. Classic retaining walls and concrete walls are huge, while gabion baskets that are willed with local material are more in sympathy with their surroundings. These structures may also be designed so that vegetation takes place, thus returning the solution to nature.

Looking for gabion baskets? Contact Buffalo Retaining Walls for excellent quality gabion solutions at the best prices! Visit our website today for more information or enquire online for a quotation today!

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