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Cell Number: Wayne - 071 373 2643
Cell Number: Greg - 082 645 0248
24/7 Number 011 780 8297
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Deciding on a company to supply you with retaining blocks

Are you looking for a supplier of retaining blacks, we are here to help. We bring you all you need know in this regard. We talk about the standard and quality you should expect, the company’s turnaround time and how precision and skill have an impact on each and every block.

What quality you should expect from a retaining block?

Remember the quality of a retaining block needs to be extremely strong to withhold any earthworks. The quality will be determined by the strength, durability and all materials used in that block. Ask the company if they have tested their blocks and what the outcome was. After all you want your wall to with stand any and all-weather conditions and last a life time.

Why is turnaround time so important?

Turn around time in the building industry is extremely important. It can get messy so why have the delay, get right to it and get the job done. You are looking for a company who works fast and neatly with a fast turn around time. Ask them for a timeline before that project is started and ensure they stick to their agreement.

How does precision and skill have an impact on each block?

Precision is very important, ensuring all blocks are manufactured to exactly the same size and weight to create that perfect consistency throughout. Chipped and broken blocks will have a negative impact on the wall in the long run. Skill on its own is highly important, ensuring the wall is build properly the first and only time around.

Looking to build a retaining wall, give Buffalo SA a call.

Check out our website www.buffalosa.co.za buffalosa.co.za Give us a call on 011 780 8297 or drop us a mail at info@buffalosa.co.za & we are happy to assist.

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Key Services

Some of the services we offer
  • Retaining Walls
  • Gabions
  • Paving
  • Attenuation Pond
  • Kerbs
  • Embankments/Stadium Seating